Sarah's Song

Sarah searches for the perfect song to make her grandma sing and dance along again, just like they used to. Sarah practices every day and tries different songs, but Grandma isn't getting better and the cane she's started using is not going away. Will Sarah find the perfect song? And could her song work in an unexpected way? Sarah's Song is written by Rosie J.Pova and illustrated by Emma Allen. Published by Clear Fork Publishing.


penny book cover a4

Penny Helps...Protect The Polar Ice Caps

When Penny the penguin realises that the Polar Ice Caps are melting because of global warming she resolves to do her bit to protect her icy Antarctic home. But what can one little Penguin do to help? 'Penny Helps Protect The Polar Ice Caps' is the third in a series of educational children's e-books, written by Claire Culliford, to raise awareness amongst the younger generation of important environmental issues - in support of the international charity 'My Mother's Love'. With illustrations by Emma Allen.



Tyler CoverTyler Helps...Find A New Home

Tyler is a helpful turtle who likes playing with his friends in the sea. When he finds out that his friend Finn the butterflyfish has a problem he wants to help. But just what can a turtle do for a fish? 'Tyler Helps Find a New Home' is the second in a series of children's picture books written to support the international charity My Mother's Love. The charity raises awareness of environmental issues among children and young adults in a unique and innovative way. 40% of the proceeds from each book sold will be donated to the charity. Written by Claire Culliford, with illustrations by Emma Allen.


Hector Cover

Hector Helps...Clean Up The Park

Hector is a kind little hedgehog who likes playing with his friends in the park. When he sees the old park keeper has a problem he wants to help. But just what can a hedgehog do for a human being? A wonderful and educational book which helps children to learn how to care for the envirnoment. 'Hector Helps...Clean Up The Park' is available in a wide variety of different languages. Written by Claire Culliford, with illustrations by Emma Allen



Book of Light Cover

The Book of Light

A coming of age tale following a young girl on a journey of discovery and strength, finding her independence and iner light. This inspiring tale was written by Healey Gabison shortly before she very sadly passed away, and has been published as a children's picture book in honour of her memory. To read more about Healey and her 'The Book of Light' go to: